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July 2018 - Been a long time between posts. I'm starting work on the Touchguitar method.  I'm also trying a new tuning on the Warr Guitar extending my ability to play bass lines.

May 2017 - Posting new videos on youtube.com/touchguitar:  Man in the Mirror - Chapman Stick, Overjoyed - Linnstrument.

April 2017 - The jam session with Blues Brad's Band was a great time...we'll need to shoot some videos next time.  Man in the Mirror - Linnstrument was posted.

February 2017 - The NAMM show was a lot of fun.  Since then I'm preparing to launch the Moen Music Method on JeffMoen.com.  I just posted two videos of "On a Clear Day" played on the Linnstrument and Chapman Stick.  Note that the chord forms and scales are identical!!!

December 2016 - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - Happy New Year!  Good to hang with Blues Brad and the whole family

May 2016 - Had a nice jam session with Blues Brad and the guys...miss doing that!  The Box guitar is finally up and going with new pickups - bette than ever.  Learning analog programming with my DSI Evolver and Poly Evolver (finally!).

November 2015 - Push2 and the Linnstrument are opening up new production possibilities.  Looking forward to the results.

July 2015 - Studio 717 is up and running again.  I completed the buildout of my three room studio in the basement.  Looking forward to many recordings here, after many years!

December 2014 -  The Open Arms Christmas service is Saturday December 13th at 4 p.m.  Expect a lot of music, treats and fun!

November 2014 - Enter the Linnstrument!  I've been working with the Linnstrument midi controller for the past two weeks and thoroughly enjoying it.  Checkout the first videos on my video page!

September 2014 - The Open Arms Sunday at Alpharetta Presbyterian Church is September 14th at 10:45.  It will be a service for people of all ages and abilities with special accomodations for the disabled.  Tony Sims, Kevin Spears, Don Brainerd and I will lead the music.

April 2014 - Performing regularly at APC and doing demos at Guitar Centers in TX, GA, MN, TN, KY. Hopefully I'll catch up with Ben Lacy in Lexington this month.

March 2014 - Open Arms Easter Service March 22nd at 4 p.m. L'Arche Community, Jesus Cares - Mark Kipf juggling, Atlanta Autism Consortium.

February 2014 - Released a new Touch CD using the Box guitar solo, live, no overdubs.  check it out at www.avocarecords.bandcamp.com

January 2014 - Playing regularly at the Alpharetta Presbyterian 9:50 service.  I'm using my new Box Guitar at the service.

December 2013 - Open Arms Service Saturday 14th at 4 p.m.  Tony Sims is coming along.

Played at the Fila Christmas party/GoLive in December.

November 2013 - Using the new Warr Tuning and added the Box Guitar to my instrument group...love it!

October 2013 - Playing regularly at APC Church, looking forward to playing with Tony Sims at the Christmas Open Arms Service and Get together.

September 2013 - Off to Italy for two weeks.  I'll bring the Ztar for my touch performing and recording

August 2013 - New Tuning!!!

Local Weekly Performances at APC

June 2013 - Local Autism Music Festival - Alpharetta GA

March 2013 - Performing locally at Open Arms Fellowship events at APC

August 2012 - launch new Touchguitarist.com website

July 2012 - Began work on Chapman Stick CD

June 2012 - Trip to Avoca to reconnect with old friends that inspired avoca records

May 2012 - Working with the Groove Agent and Soft Step foot controller to play Ztar or Stick

with a complex rhythm machine with fills.

April 2012 - Committed to the Ascending 5ths/4ths Uncrossed tuning...yikes, gotta learn everything over again!

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Touchguitarist.com is dedicated to encouraging musicians to discover the touchstyle technique.  I'll describe my approach and include links to leaders in the touch technique world-wide.Google+

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Man in the Mirror


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On a Clear Day


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