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July 2024

Go back to the Blues...where it all started!

June 2024

Use whatever you can to play as much as possible...

May 2024

Folding travel guitar...playing on the road!

April 2024

8 String fretless guitar playing...

March 2024

Focus on simple intervals and layer them for chords

February 2024

Add some bass to the rhythm side with the Boss Octaver Pedal!

January 2024

Happy New Year!

Organize your tunes, practice tools and methods...set some goals, make progress!

December 2023

Play 3 parts and drums with your groove boxes...great way to actually play and sound like music!

November 2023

Microtonal tuning: 432.081Hz

Precise Temperament Tuning

October 2023

Just play every day!

September 2023

Getting the indoor studio going for production, composition and learning.

August 2023

Getting the portable rig going for outdoor playing

July 2023

Working with the Ableton Push3 to record directly/standalone

June 2023

Take the next step, follow through on what you know to do!

May 2023

Working on the portable gigging setup.  Playing daily is the mission!

April 2023

Getting ready to Busker, enjoy nature and playing outdoors!

March 2023

Discovered the LIO Box to organize sets for performance in Ableton Live...time to get my performances together!

February 2023

Solo playing is the focus of February...Get the Gig!

January 2023

Digging into the Akai Force, using the Gotar-LinnStrument-Deluge to program it...a lot of fun, challenging, deep function set.

December 2022

Doing some Xmas tunes...good practice!

November 2022

MiniZ has been updated and is part of the touch instrument team.

October 2022

Gotar tune videos coming up this month.

September 2022

Back to doing videos of the Chapman Stick

August 2022

Gotar month!  1st Video uploaded, everything works!

July 2022

The Deluge is a great way to do backing tracks!

June 2022

Working on my gig sets to perform, triggering scenes in Deluge & Ableton

May 2022

"Buskering" with the GoTar, Touchguitar, Guitar, LinnStrument??  Let's find out this month!

April 2022

The Gotar-Deluge-TouchGuitar Month has finally arrived!

March 2022

The Gotar arrives this week and I'll begin doing videos with it immediately...look for it!  I'm also using the Warr Guitar with my VG-8 and Boss Synths for more sonic possibilities...more on that too!

February 2022

The Gotar modifications are underway and I hope to have it back to me soon...watch for videos!

January 2022

Happy New Year!  The Gotar has arrived and works.  Still a few tweaks to make it optimal

December 2021

Looking for the Gotar from Starrlabs to arrive so I can start doing videos.

November 2021

Working on my Multi-Instrumental producing routine and method. Comeon Gotar!

October 2021

Working on Chameleon accross Ableton Live, Deluge, Akai Force, Maschine and doing various versions with touch instruments.

September 2021

The "Gotar" will work with the modifications Harvey is working on...videos to follow.

August 2021

Don't wait for perfection - Go with plan "A" and see where it takes you!

July 2021

Getting back to the Stick, the Blues and playing outdoors!  Buskering is good for the soul.  See you in a park or street corner somewhere in the US!

May 2021

Beginning work on the first videos for the Touchguitar Method.  I'll demonstrate the techniques/concepts on all Touchguitars:  Grand Stick, Warrguitar, ADG 10 string, Box Guitar 12 String.

April 2021

The ADG will be ready this week with the 5th ascending rhythm tuning.  The Starrlabs Gotar should also be ready.  Lots of good practicing and exploration ahead in April!

March 2021

Working on right hand chords and comping.  I'm considering bringing the ascending 5ths rhythm tuning...maybe on the 10 string ADG...!?!

February 2021

The year is already moving fast!  Thankfully the habits and commitments have taken hold and I'm making more progress than before.

Thanks for the requests of a Touchguitar method...I'm working on it!

January 2021

2020 is history, thank God!  It was a year of struggle, fear, new habits, new hope and new beginnings.  It's time to pull it all together and make 2021 the best year yet!  Join Me!

About this site

Touchguitarist.com is dedicated to encouraging musicians to discover the touchstyle technique.  I'll describe my approach and include links to leaders in the touch technique world-wide.Google+

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Starrlabs Gotar - Synthstrom Audible Deluge


Starrlabs Gotar

Over the Rainbow

Chapman Stick

Over the Rainbow

Starrlabs Gotar

Over the Rainbow

Synthstrom Deluge

Man in the Mirror

Chapman Stick



Man in the Mirror


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Chapman Stick

On a Clear Day


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